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What I Do & Why It Matters

my philosophy


My authentic approach to wedding photography gives you the ease of feeling relaxed and present with loved ones, so that you can relive a celebration that’s true to you!

Perfect for adventurous, sentimental, and quirky couples – I’ll help you keep it real, and embrace what feels good to you and your partner.

My photographs are inspired by nature- meaning that I am always happy to go on an adventure with you in order to capture that sentimental moment. With an upbringing that was immersed in nature, I understand the value of preserving memories in your favourite places, with your loved ones. My photos are rooted in a sense of being connected with one another through a mutual a love: whether that is your home, pets, family farm/cottage, etc. You deserve a celebration encapsulates who you truly are!

My authentic approach to photography will give you the gift of quality photos that show off your wonderful personality and all the special candid moments that are apart of your love story.

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