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What To Expect During Your Engagement Photos


Engagement sessions are a wonderful way to get to know one another prior to your wedding day! It will help you feel all warmed up and comfortable in front of my camera. This means, when your wedding day comes, you are feeling happy and confident with me documenting your special moments.

Rest assured, if you’re feeling nervous or awkward about being photographed, it’s completely normal! Most couples haven’t experienced a professional photo session, and feel a little uncomfortable with a giant camera pointed at them. That’s okay – I’m here to help guide you through your photo session step-by-step.

Engagement sessions are an amazing way to overcome a little of that anxiety, and a great way for me to learn about both of your personalities and how best to capture them. You’ll get a feel for what it’s like to be told what to do with your hands and asked to spin in a circle, and I’ll learn about your little quirks and all your best angles. Whether you’re serious and artsy, or laid back and playful, learning about your unique personality will help me tell your story on your wedding day, the way it needs to be told. I’ll already know which side is your good side, and you’ll have one less thing to stress about. Plus, you’ll get some photos for the save-the-dates!

overall, engagement sessions are great for…
  • Getting to know one another before your big day
  • Easing any nerves about being photographed
  • Feeling confident & comfortable
  • Learning about your dynamic as a couple, and all your fun quirks
photos that are unique to you

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the secret sauce

for getting those gorgeous engagement photos



I’m sure by now if you know one thing about me, you know that nature is my jam. I love beautiful scenery – lakes, forests, open fields, it’s all photogenic and wonderful. So of course, my recommendation is always to choose a beautiful outdoor location. BUT I don’t want you to think you can’t get good photos if your backdrop isn’t so scenic. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. So if the outdoors isn’t for you or if you don’t want to drive too far, or it’s cold outside, choose somewhere that’s special to the two of you – maybe it’s your home, or the diner where you had your first date. Whatever location you choose, just make sure it reflects your personalities.



Be mindful of the environment, prepare for applicable encounters – mud, rain, bugs, heat, cold etc. Wear shoes that you are comfortable in. Most importantly, dress like yourself! Wear what makes you feel good, and what you feel confident in. And of course, if you need outfit tips, just ask me! I’ll be able to tell you which specific colours will look good in the location you chose, and if you send me photos of your outfit options I’ll give you my honest opinions.



The time of day that we take your photos is so important – because while I could take photos in harsh sunlight and they would look good, you would inevitably have a lot of shadows on your faces making for lighting that is not ideal. The best times of day are sunrise and sunset – I recommend starting either half an hour before sunrise, or an hour before sunset for the best lighting. That way, there won’t be any harsh shadows, and we’ll get that gorgeous glow that makes everything look soft and pretty. Typically engagement sessions run for two hours, and the time goes by quick!



This one is the most important part! I know wedding planning gets hectic, and you might be worried about how you look or how your engagement photos will turn out. But leave that to me – I’ll do the heavy lifting to make sure you look your best and I’ll make sure you have a good time. So just relax, enjoy the moment, think about how you’ll be married soon, and have fun! Photos are best when you’re genuinely enjoying yourself – and a lot of my job is to help you do that and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. So come to me with a positive attitude and come exactly as you are, and leave the rest to me.



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