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Wildhearts Studio Is Rebranding to Cass Marie Photography



You deserve an authentic photography experience to encapsulate all the unique moments that make your wedding day so special. I want you to have the ease of feeling relaxed and present with loved ones, so that you can relive a celebration that’s true to you.

This rebrand is about taking everything I’ve learned from you over the last 5 years and focusing my work around that.

I’m here to help you keep in real! On your wedding day, you deserve a celebration that’s as unique as you are. I’ll help you keep on schedule, be prepared for unexpected surprises, and most importantly, capture the magic that makes your relationship so beautiful. 

Your love story has been an adventure from the start, and I will make sure your wedding photos reflect the beauty of that. When I take your photos you’ll get all the shots you want, plus the genuine candid moments in between.

When you invest your trust and your money in me, I invest everything I have into you, your experience, and your memories. You deserve a photographer who has experience, who has professional equipment and backup gear, who knows how to pose people and how to work with harsh or difficult lighting, poor weather, and the unpredictable, and who will be there with you and for you, 100% of the way.

Your experience will be guided from the moment you inquire so you can have the ease of enjoying your celebration, and being present with your loved ones. You won’t need to worry about missing out on all of the fun that surrounds your wedding day. You deserve to remember your wedding day with quality photos that show off your wonderful personality and all the special candid moments that are apart of your love story.

I am rebranding to give you the gift of the best possible photography experience and to emphasize a personable approach between myself and you. Most of you know me as Cass, or Cassandra – and for this reason I believe the best choice for my business is to move forward with my personal name, of Cass, in the switch to Cass Marie Photography. I have always aligned myself with my business as closely as possible, all of my work and interactions are brought together with heart and passion. It’s an honour to specialize in nature focused weddings, and I am grateful to continue capturing memories for the adventurous, sentimental, and quirky couples. I cannot wait to capture all the thought and detail you put into making your day special!

let me introduce…

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